There is no life without stress.

Yet must learn to manage stress in order to avoid or at least limit symptoms of ''bad'' stress, such as trouble sleeping, mood swings, decreased libido, impaired memory, lack of concentration...and avoid consequences such as snacking, smoking, and the over-use of prescription medication.



A unique and 100% natural stress-related problems, Lactium® is the perfect answer to stress management.

Like a coaching partner, this ingredient from milk gently, simply and effectively helps you prevent or manage your stress and its subsequent symptoms.

With Lactium® and personal management programs called Lactium® Coach Programs, you can unwind without stress, at your own pace. It's simple, natural, gradual - and it lasts!



Chillax Bottle
Equilibrium BOOTS
hot Chocoloate Drink Mix anjd Capsules: calming support to help you cope with stresses ans strains everyday lmife.