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Interview with Dr Marc Dellière

Published on 4 May 2023

Dr Marc Dellière is familiar with the positive effects of Lactium® in managing emotional states. He explains why it presents no danger to health, as well as the recommended dosages and why so many consumers around the world use Lactium®.


Does the use of Lactium® present any toxicity?

M. D.: None, since Lactium® is an ingredient of natural origin. Clinical and toxicological studies have demonstrated that there are no toxic effects or side-effects recorded by users of Lactium®, including habituation, sedation or addiction,  unlike benzodiazepines, which belong to the anxiolytics family. Lactium® is a hydrolyzed milk protein and is therefore hypoallergenic.  Lactium® acts specifically on the brain on the GABAreceptors. As a result, GABA activity increases to release its relaxing properties. The person then feels the positive effects of Lactium®. This was not a chance find. It was the result of more than 10 years of research in Ingredia’s laboratories. The researchers have reproduced the same natural biochemical mechanism observed in babies when they drink milk in the first months of their life. If babies produce it naturally, it’s because it’s good for them. So let’s put our trust in babies who know how to naturally extract what they needs from their mother’s milk!


What dosage do you recommend?

M. D.: Clinical studies(1)(2)(3) have been carried out to provide a clearer picture of the effects of Lactium® on the body. They recommend a dose of 150mg per day for one month, but that’s not all. If the patient feels the need for a faster result, it has been proven that a dose of 300mg per day for two weeks is just as effective on their emotional state. Similarly, it is perfectly possible to absorb 600mg per day for an even more immediate effect – for example to overcome the pressure of an exam or before taking a plane. In this case, it should be taken one day before and on the day itself.


Can you name any examples of Lactium® products which have proved their effectiveness and which you recommend to your patients?

M. D.: Lactium® was launched on the market in 2002 and is used in a wide range of products available around the world in the form of capsules, tablets, chewing gum and drinks. In Australia, Complete Sleep from Sanofi laboratories is used by many people having difficulty sleeping. Personally, in France, I prescribe Sériane 24h/24 from the Naturactive range by Pierre Fabre laboratories for my patients who regularly suffer from stress and sleeplessness. The results are convincing and my patients experience the full benefits.


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