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picto-coeur Boosting the libido

Anxiety, fatigue and a busy lifestyle often have negative repercussions on both the female and male libido. The solution is to develop new habits to ensure you relax and get rid of tension.



In France, 44% of men and 53% of women suffer from a low sex drive(1). Sleep troubles, being overworked and always feeling rushed generate tension and mean couples have less time for intimacy. When too stressed or worried, it is difficult for the body and mind to let go and enjoy.


As we get older, a decrease in the secretion of sex hormones (testosterone and estrogen) also explains a slowdown in sexual activity and drive.
To restore harmony in your love life, it is essential to devote time to it. Rediscovering sensuality and sensory pleasure, relieving tension, boosting energy, and creating a pleasant environment are the first areas to explore in order to reawaken your libido.
Staying fit and doing sports also has a positive influence on one’s sex drive. The body adapts and triggers the production of endorphins.



Taking Lactium® and following the advice of your Personal Coach – Libido Program – can help you to better manage daily life and improve your well-being.

You may also choose to consult your primary care physician.


(1) IFOP poll made in 2010.
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