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This Personal Coach program is designed to help you live more serenely. The objective is to help you achieve a healthy lifestyle using easy-to-adopt measures to help you live without smoking.



  • Think positive. You are going to have a good day, with fewer or no cigarettes, and in a good mood!
  • Have a healthy breakfast (whole-wheat bread or cereals, honey, fresh fruit or vegetable juice, a hot drink and a dairy product) to help you resist cigarettes in the morning.
  • Plan your day. Draw up a realistic list of objectives.


  • Ask for support from your partner, a friend or a colleague who wants to quit or cut down smoking. You can motivate each other and that will have a big influence on your behavior.
  • Find help from organizations (i.e: (USA) or (UK) ), support groups, specialists (e.g. tobacco addiction specialist, behavioral therapist, etc.). It is sometimes difficult to quit smoking on your own.
  • Eat a balanced meal rich inproteins (yoghurt, cheese and meat), to avoid cravings, accompanied by fruit and vegetables.
  • Reduce your consumption of stimulants (coffee, tea, soda and alcohol), which are often associated with smoking.
  • Allow yourself a healthy snack at 4pm or a beverage . Drink slowly.
  • Adapt your home environment. Put away ashtrays and anything that reminds you of smoking. Take it as an opportunity to wash fabrics that smell of stale tobacco.


  • Practice physical exercise (two or three times a week): jogging, weight training, power walking, swimming, etc. Let yourself unwind! But not after 8pm so as not to disrupt your sleep.
  • Take up a creative activity.
  • Walk your dog leaving your cigarettes at home. It relaxes you and oxygenates the brain.
  • Relax and congratulate yourself. Admire your clearer complexion and your whiter teeth!


To ensure Lactium®, your daily partner, is as effective as possible, take 150 to 300mg per day (1)(2)  for 15 days to one month.


(1) Lanoir D. (et Al.), Long term effects of a bovine milk alpha-S1 casein hydrolysate on healthy low and high stress responders.  Stress5 (suppl.), 124, (2002)
Dr Abdul Samad F. (et. Al.), Evaluation of the effect of LACTIUM® 300 mg consumption. Unpublished, (2011)
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