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What is Lactium®

Lactium® is an ingredient of natural origin made from milk proteins. Developed by Ingredia’s laboratories in France, it is an excellent ally in improving your daily life.


Lactium® was developed after 12 years of research in Ingredia’s laboratories in collaboration with University of Lorraine in France. However, its discovery was ultimately thanks to babies! The enzymes present in babies’ digestive systems are responsible for the release of this bioactive peptide resulting in a state of bliss. This is not the case for adults. Our digestive enzymatic system is no longer capable of releasing this bioactive milk peptide.


After many years of work, Ingredia researchers went on to develop an innovative process to reproduce the baby’s digestive mechanism. They used a well-known digestive enzyme – trypsin – to isolate the milk protein hydrolysate containing the bioactive peptide – alpha-casozepine – from casein.

Baptized Lactium®, this all natural food ingredient acts gently on the body. Lactium® is your ally in any number of stressful situations; whether you are under pressure at work, having trouble sleeping, eating irregularly, suffering from mood swings while quitting smoking, when your libido is low or when you are having problems with your concentration or memory just before an exam.


Lactium® was launched on the market in 2002 as a proprietary ingredient, and won a Bronze medal at HIE (Health Ingredients Europe) in 2004 for “best innovative nutritional ingredient of the year“. Being natural, it can be used by the whole family.
Where can you find it? It is used in numerous products in various forms, including capsules, tablets, powder, chewing gum and even in drinks.


Lactium® is a natural and branded ingredient made from casein, a milk protein.

Discovered in Ingredia’s laboratories, it will help you to gently counteract a loss of appetite, snacking, loss of libido, sleep troubles, mood swings, concentration and memory problems, etc.

Lactium® is an innovative ingredient used in the composition of a wide range of products: capsules, tablets, powder, chewing gum, drinks, etc.

How does Lactium® work?

By means of a selective affinity for certain receptors in the central nervous system, called GABAA receptors, Lactium® increases the activity of gamma-Aminobutyric acid (GABA), a neurotransmitter well known for its inhibitory action on anxiety and its relaxing properties. Unlike benzodiazepines, Lactium® does not create any addiction, even at a high dosage. It therefore acts effectively and naturally.