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Lactium®: Action on cortisol

Stress and Cortisol

Cortisol is one of the stress hormones, produced in the adrenal glands and controlled by ACTH released by Hypophysis. Cortisol contributes to save your life in case of danger. It has an important role in carbohydrates metabolism, increasing glucose synthesis, source of energy in the whole body.

It also contributes to maintain your energy balance during all day.

Unfortunately our organism does not really make difference during different stress situations. He not only produces Cortisol during dangerous situations but he also does it when you are stressed at work, when you are blocked into traffic jam. This leads to high level of cortisol.

Sleep and cortisol

Cortisol acts as well in the sleep function. Its secretion is cyclic (24 hours). In the morning, the cortisol reach a peak to reduce gradually during the day and be at its minimum level around midnight. The high level of cortisol in the morning explain why we wake up full of energy. The rate reduction can lead to tired time at the end of the day.

Cortisol disorders and effects

Even if Cortisol has important functions in our organism, released in too much quantity it can be bad for your health.

Acute stress activates both bodily and mental resources. After an acute stressful situation the biological activity will return to baseline. Too frequent, extreme or chronic stress does not allow the system to recover and regenerate resources. Stress hormones like cortisol get dysregulated and promote health problems : craving and weight increase, sleep disorders, and serious diseases like obesity, Type 2 diabete, cardiovascular disease, and immune system dysregulation.

Lactium® and Cortisol

To restore a good level of cortisol, Lactium® can help you.

Lactium® has showed effect on cortisol release. The blood cortisol level reduces significantly after an acute stress when you take lactium ®. Even with chronic anxiety, Lactium® reduces blood cortisol level in the morning which help you to better manage your day.

Lactium® shows a protection from situations of psychological stress.