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Paw Soothe your pet

You are moving, your family is growing, you are going on holiday, you’re adopting a new pet, you’re having work done on your house, or maybe you’ve just found a new job. That’s life!

But for our pets, it is a completely different story: I do not know my territory anymore, intruders are moving in, I no longer understand my place in the family, I’m left alone for hours on end…

Stress rises for your pet, which may lead to destructive behaviors, barking, accidents in the house, skin, or gastrointestinal problems. To your dismay (“I don’t recognize my pet anymore!”), complaints from neighbors about the noise may be added to this list.

Your pets experience stress in their own way and there are solutions to help them settle again.


Cats can show signs of stress when their territory or family group changes. They can be stressed by the arrival of a baby, a new partner, or the adoption of a second cat to keep it company, as well as when you change the furniture, go on trips or move to a new house.

Sometimes running away or physical activity is enough for cats to relieve their stress. Other times, this is not enough, and that’s when unwanted behavior starts. Some of the most common behaviors are urinary marking, litter box avoidance or scratching on your favorite sofa… and even more serious, excessive licking causing alopecia or health problems.

Help your cat by restoring a welcoming environment with sufficient resources, games, or outings to let off steam and, if possible, help your pet get used to the changes over time.


Like cats, dogs can be stressed by external events like frightening noises, first trips by car and visits to the vet. They may also lack the physical activity they need to let off steam.

But above all, oftentimes dogs are disturbed by changes in the family group. They can become unsure of their place in the hierarchy, and this is when destructive behaviors, vocalization and health problems can arise.

Oftentimes it is necessary to establish new rules and rituals between your dog and family members. These rules should be followed by everyone, as well as giving your pet the opportunity to let off steam and gradually get them used to stressful events so that they are desensitized to the emotional impact.


By choosing Lactium® and taking on advice from your Animal Stress Coach Program, you give yourself the chance to better meet your pet’s needs for a more harmonious life together.

Because changes in behavior can also be the result of a physical disorder, consider consulting your vet. They will know how to guide you towards the right products and advice to provide relief to your pet. If necessary, they can also recommend a veterinary behaviorist or dog trainer to complete the process.

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