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Are you taking an exam soon?  Do you feel anxious about the interview for the job you really want? Are you stressed presenting in front of a group of people? Are you nervous about your next clinical examination ? Don’t let feelings of anxiety and stress hold you back anymore!

There is a simple natural solution to help you through these stressful times and enjoy life again.


Upheaval in our daily lives often means facing the unknown, and change can sometimes be frightening. The anxiety you feel is perfectly normal and healthy. It is what we call “good” stress! The objective for you is to not let it turn into “bad” stress and prevent you from passing your exam, doing well in a job interview or  making the right decision… Finding the right balance will improve the way you personally manage your emotions during this challenging time.


Don’t get ahead of yourself. Living in the present is positive. A study (1), carried out in 2012 at Virginia Commonwealth University in the United States, revealed that a person’s ability to concentrate on the present is linked to a lower level of stress hormones (adrenalin and cortisol). The simple act of fixating on specific details and constantly dwelling on things feeds your anxieties. This risks increasing your level of stress hormones.


Taking Lactium® and following the advice of your  Test and Exams program will help you better manage daily life and improve your well-being.

You may also choose to consult your primary care physician.

Identify your stress level and find solutions
to reduce it !
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