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Lactium®: a natural ingredient without any SIDE EFFECTS

As a natural ingredient, Lactium® can safely be used by the whole family. It has no side-effects, and is not addictive. Approved by numerous regulatory authorities around the world, it is produced according to strict specifications.


Long before it reached the market, Lactium® was the subject of numerous assessments on toxicity or side effect according to OECD (Organization for Economic Cooperation and Development) guidelines and Good Laboratory Practices. These demonstrated that Lactium® presents no health risks at the recommended doses:
• no undesirable side-effects,
• no acute or chronic toxity :
• No memory loss
• No habituation
• No addiction
• No sedation
• No disinhibition

Lactium® is a hydrolyzed milk protein which contains little lactose (<1%) and therefore presents low risks of intolerance. Unlike benzodiazepines, which belong to the anxiolytics family, Lactium® does not have any toxic effect on the body, even at high doses. It is completely natural, and therefore totally harmless.

According to Marc Dellière, M.D, General Practitioner (Read the interview), as a natural ingredient, Lactium® can be used by all ages – both children and adults. It is also recommended for active people and athletes.

Lactium® already has a large number of satisfied consumers around the world.


Lactium® is a unique and innovative food ingredient. Its effectiveness and safety have been approved according to regulations enforced around the world (Food grade). It has obtained the necessary permits in Europe, the United States as well as in other countries including Australia (Therapeutic Goods Administration), South Korea (Korean Food and Drug Administration) and China.


The laboratories of Ingredia control the quality of their products (from conception to development) and the entire Lactium® manufacturing chain, according to required methods and certifications:
• Charter of Good Husbandry Practices
• Certification from AFAQ for the ISO 9001 standard (2008 version) since 1991
• Certification from AFAQ for the FSSC 22000 standard (2011 version) since 2012
• Good Practices in Manufacturing and Quality Procedures in accordance with applicable European legislation.

Lactium® works effectively and naturally. It causes no side effects: neither addiction nor sedation.
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